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Firing Shovel - Heavy Duty

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Firing Shovels

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These vital tools come with a pressed blade, 16" or 18" long and 8.5" wide to allow firemen to shoot the coal around the box. The handle can be from 20" or 21" long for small locos and tank engines to 26" for long footplates and Pacifics. The blades are stamped by a leading manufacturer to a railway pattern, off an old blue print. My shovels have been in use on many preserved lines for a number of years, and they are also in use on many main line locomotives. Heavy Duty Shovels, stocked sizes are 16" blade, with shafts 20", 23" and 26" long (measured from the rear of the blade), and 18" blade with shafts 21" and 25" long. Typical weight 5 lb for a 16" x 26" heavy duty. Spare handles, ash, ready shaped to fit the blade socket - available from stock.

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